A Three-in-One Converter for Regular and Emergency Lighting Applications

Dept. of Aeronaut. Eng., Nat. Formosa Univ., Huwei
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications (Impact Factor: 1.76). 03/2009; 45(1):108 - 115. DOI: 10.1109/TIA.2008.2009907
Source: IEEE Xplore


This paper presents a three-in-one converter for regular and emergency lighting applications. The converter can function as regular ballast, emergency ballast, and battery charger/discharger, achieving regular and emergency lighting features. The three-in-one converter used in the ballast is an integration of a bidirectional flyback converter and two half-bridge series-resonant parallel-loaded inverters. The derivation and operating principle of the proposed converter are first presented, and an application to regular and emergency lighting is then developed. With the proposed converter and a single-chip microcontroller EM78P458, a low cost multifeature electronic ballast can be readily implemented and installed. Hardware measurements have verified its feasibility and the desired features.

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