Performance Study of Whole-Body, Multislice Positron Computed Tomograph POSITOLOGICA-II

Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, Kokubunji, Tokyo
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (Impact Factor: 1.28). 03/1983; 30(1):734 - 738. DOI: 10.1109/TNS.1983.4332367
Source: IEEE Xplore


A 3-detector ring, 5-slice whole-body positron CT has been developed and is being tested. The PCT, POSITOLOGICA-II, has a total of 480 BGO's (160/ring), and employs continuous rotation scan (0.5rps). By using a 15mm wide BGO, a 9.2mm FWHM spatial resolution for reconstructed image is obtained at the center of FOV. Measured phantom diameter dependence of the true count rate shows good agreement with theoretically anticipated characteristics, including maximum sensitivity at around 30cm dia. Sensitivities for 20cm dia. phantom are 28 and 38 kcps/¿Ci/ml for in-plane and cross-plane, respectively, including scattered coincidences. Relative system detection efficiency measured with a line source at FOV center is 96% at 15ns time window (90% at 12ns), basing on 100% efficiency in 20-24ns.

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