150-GHz RF SOI-CMOS technology in ultrathin regime on organic substrate

IEEE Electron Device Letters (Impact Factor: 2.75). 12/2011; 32(11):1510 - 1512. DOI: 10.1109/LED.2011.2166241
Source: IEEE Xplore


This letter provides an experimental demonstration of high-performance industrial MOSFETs thinned down to 5.7 μm and transferred onto a 125-μm-thick polyethylene naphthalate foil. The die stack transferred onto the organic substrate comprises the 200-nm-thick active layer and the 5.5-μm-thick interconnection multilayer stack resulting in a light, compact, and bendable thin film. We unveil that dc and RF performances are invariant even for ultimate thinning down to the buried oxide layer. Furthermore, n-MOSFET performance is improved by 1.5× compared with previous work, and the first demonstration of 100-GHz p-MOSFETs on an organic substrate is presented. Unity-current-gain cutoff and maximum oscillation frequencies as high as 150/160 GHz for n-MOSFETs and 100/130 GHz for p-MOSFETs on a plastic substrate have been measured, respectively.

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