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Real-time virtual haptization of an object surface measured by a high-speed projector-camera system

Grad. Sch. of Inf. Sci., Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan
DOI: 10.1109/IROS.2010.5651631 Conference: Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2010 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on
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This paper reports real-time virtual haptization of, for example, a remote object surface based on high-speed 3D shape measurement. With this system, the operator feels sense of touch as if tracing the surface of an object. We use a high-speed projector-camera system to achieve high-speed measurement of the object surface so that high-frequency haptic feedback is maintained at a haptic device PHANToM. An actively directed structured light is projected so that the projected slit ray intersects with the haptic interaction point, which is determined by the stylus position of the haptic device. A camera image of this scene gives the positional relationship between the object surface and the haptic interaction point. We use this relationship to generate force feedback such that the haptic interaction point is pushed back to a point on the intersection of the slit ray and the object surface. Experimental results show that the proposed system displays an object shape correctly and that the high-speed measurement contributes to displaying smooth motion of an moving object.

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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents a brief overview of high-speed vision systems that enable real-time image acquisition and visual processing at frame rates of several hundreds to thousands of frames per second, which are substantially higher than the standard video rates. High-speed vision systems enable fast measurement and control of dynamic systems, and have been successfully applied in the fields such as robotics, in which real-time perception of dynamic environment is critically important. This paper also presents recent effort to extend the concept of the high-speed vision to projector-camera systems, enabling fast 3D measurement, 3D feature tracking, virtual haptization of 3D objects and enhanced video projection.
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, we describe high-speed 3D position and normal measurement of a specified point of interest using a high-speed projector-camera systems. A special cross line pattern is adaptively projected onto the point of interest and the reflected pattern on an object surface is captured by the camera and analyzed to obtain the position and normal information. The experimental results show that the estimated normal directions were apparently correct and stable except for occasional large errors due to instantaneous detection failures. Based on this measurement system, we describe a game system by which real-time interaction with non-structured 3D real environment is achieved.
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    ABSTRACT: Detection of bare-hand touch interacting with projector-camera system requires accurate and robust foreground extraction, which is challenging with the complex background and the continuous alteration of environmental illuminant. In this paper, a novel approach is proposed for precise hand segmentation based on combination of regional segmentation and saliency estimation that is computed by global albedo contrast of projected and captured images. Unnecessary detailed contents are abstracted through mean shift-based processing to resolve given images into compact partitions. Regions of hands are finally segmented after fusion of elemental and regional saliency. Extensive experimental results including comparison to recently related approaches in projector camera system are presented to show efficient, precise and robust performance of the proposed method.
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