Research on transition matrix between non-standard polarization base defined by a polarimetric radar and H/V polarization base

Conference Paper · May 2009with1 Read
Source: IEEE Xplore
Conference: Radar Conference, 2009 IET International


    Transition matrix between non-standard polarization base defined by a kind of variable-polarization radar and standard orthogonal polarization base is deduced. The electric field with expected polarization can be synthesized in space by multi-polarimetric millimetre wave array antenna. The transition matrix established the relation between amplitude and phase of feed of every subarray and the expected-polarization electric field in far zone. The transition matrix can be regarded as algorithmic support for variable-polarization radar to realize virtual polarization synthesis and polarization agility. Finally, the algorithm is proved right and useful by presenting simulation results of far zone electric field of 3-element and 5-element radar array antenna.