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IF amplifier module for high-sweep speed LFMCW radar

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A new IF module for linear frequency modulated continuous wave (LFMCW) radar is proposed in this paper, which is implemented with a low-cost and simple architecture and can be used for high sweep frequency. The scheme can improve system SNR and support implementation of a time-division switching antenna array (TDSAA). The performance of the scheme is analyzed and the experimental results are described in detail

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Conference Paper
This paper presents a summary of requirements and status of transceiver components as applicable to collision warning systems operating at 76 GHz. The paper will include a brief description of applicable radar architectures that are possible solutions to the collision warning scenarios being developed today. The individual circuit components required in each architecture will be described along with a listing of key performance parameters and the expected specifications for these parameters. The paper will also describe development status of components as known today, identifying what is in use and what is under development for future systems. Target costs, volumes and areas of concern relative to meeting performance and cost targets will be discussed
Conference Paper
A collision avoidance system for automobiles to be used in freeways and similarly structured traffic environments is under study. The authors report on concepts, the state of realization and on first experimental results. A two-dimensional imaging problem has to be solved because the mere detection of objects in front of a vehicle is not sufficient; potential paths of collision can only be recognized by assigning objects to their surroundings. While digital wavefront reconstruction was used for angular discrimination, a high-resolution pseudonoise code radar applying a binary phase modulation to a continuous carrier has been implemented for longitudinal resolution. The laboratory evaluation has confirmed the specifications regarding essential system parameters such as radial resolution and sensitivity
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