Invarianza factorial del TEOSQ en jóvenes deportistas mexicanos y españoles

Revista Mexicana de Psicología (Impact Factor: 0.29). 01/2011; 28(1):53-61.


Within the Achievement Goal Theory (Nicholls, 1989), Duda and Nicholls (see Duda, 1989; Duda & Whitehead, 1998), the Task and Ego Orientation in Sport Questionnaire (teosq) assesses individual differences in achievement goal orientations. This study examines factorial validity and reliability of teosq in the case of Spanish (n = 563) and Mexican (n = 553) junior athletes. The factor structure, factor loadings and intercepts of the instrument can be considered invariant across groups. However, the latent means observed for the ego orientation subscale differ, the highest emerging from the Mexican population. Finally, results show high internal consistency of both Spanish and Mexican versions of teosq.

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