Scalar propagator in the pp-wave geometry obtained from AdS_5 X S^5

Department of Physics, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210, USA
Nuclear Physics B (Impact Factor: 3.93). 09/2002; 640(1-2):367-378. DOI: 10.1016/S0550-3213(02)00568-0
Source: arXiv


We compute the propagator for massless and massive scalar fields in the
metric of the pp-wave. The retarded propagator for the massless field is found
to stay confined to the surface formed by null geodesics. The algebraic form of
the massive propagator is found to be related in a simple way to the form of
the propagator in flat spacetime.

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Available from: Yogesh K. Srivastava
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    ABSTRACT: We study the superstring theory on pp-wave background with NSNS-flux that is realized as the Penrose limit of AdS_3 x S^3 x M^4, where M^4 is T^4 or T^4/Z_2(~ K3). Quantizing this system in the covariant gauge, we explicitly construct the space-time supersymmetry algebra and the complete set of DDF operators. We analyse the spectrum of physical states by using the spectrally flowed representations of current algebra. This spectrum is classified by the ``short string sectors'' and the ``long string sectors'' as in AdS_3 string theory. The states of the latter propagate freely along the transverse plane of pp-wave background, but the states of the former do not. We compare the short string spectrum with the BPS and almost BPS states which have large R-charges in the symmetric orbifold conformal theory, which is known as the candidate of dual theory of superstrings on AdS_3 x S^3 x M^4. We show that every short string states can be embedded successfully in the single particle Hilbert space of symmetric orbifold conformal theory. Comment: Latex, 35 pages, minor changed
    Preview · Article · May 2002 · Journal of High Energy Physics
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    ABSTRACT: We consider the Penrose limit of the solution of D5-brane given in the anti-de-Sitter space and analyse the shape of the D5-brane in the pp-wave background. We find that the D5-brane leads to the branes and the throats connecting the branes. The branes spread on with periodic values of the light-cone time x+ and the throats lie along x+. We also give some comments on holography.
    Full-text · Article · May 2002 · Physics Letters B
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    ABSTRACT: We study the modular invariance of strings on pp-waves with RR-flux. We explicitly show that the one-loop partition functions of the maximally supersymmetric pp-waves and their orbifolds can be modular invariant in spite of the mass terms in the light-cone gauge. From this viewpoint, we also determine the spectrum of type 0B theory on pp-wave and discuss its gauge theory dual. Furthermore, we investigate the spectrum of a non-supersymmetric orbifold and point out its supersymmetry enhancement in the Penrose limit.
    Preview · Article · Jun 2002 · Journal of High Energy Physics
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