[Rates of metastatic affections of mediastinal nodes during pulmonary metastasectomy].

1. Chirurgická klinika FN u sv. Anny v Brne.
Rozhledy v chirurgii: měsíčník Československé chirurgické společnosti 11/2011; 90(11):653-5.
Source: PubMed


The aim is the evaluation of lymph node metastasis rate during pulmonary metastasectomy harvested by technique of systematic mediastinal lymphadenectomy in year 2009-2010.
We performed systematic mediastinal lymphadenectomy (the same technique as in non-small cell lung cancer) during pulmonary metastasectomy.
There was found lymph node metastasis in four cases from 70 patients. The rate of metastatic involved mediastinal lymph node 5.7% harvested during lung metastasectomy is on lower limit of published interval. We expected higher lymph node involvement in lung metastasis of colorectal origin.

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