Virus entry: Old viruses, new receptors

Article · February 2012with8 Reads
DOI: 10.1016/j.coviro.2011.12.005 · Source: PubMed


    The long-sought entry receptors for rubella, sindbis and respiratory syncytial viruses (RV, SV and RSV), together with the missing measles virus (MV) receptor for infection of epithelial cells, were identified in 2011. These have been major developments in the field of virus entry. In addition, 2011 was rich in new information about the interactions of MV, RSV and phleboviruses with DC-SIGN during infection of dendritic cells, a crucial step allowing the virus to breach the epithelial barrier and gain access to the lymph nodes. This faciliates dissemination to susceptible tissues where it can develop a vigorous and sustained replication, to eventually target specific organs from which it can propagate into the environment and efficiently infect new hosts, closing the merry-go-round of the virus cycle.