Medical Image Intelligent Access Integrated with Electronic Medical Records System for Brain Degenerative Disease

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In this study, the intelligent information access framework for medical image databases was designed to integrate radiological reports and clinical information. The most important concern in this approach is the interdisciplinary collaboration among neurology, medical informatics and radiology experts. The second important concern would be the implementation with the critical and service-oriented hospital information system. Therefore, we will test the system by the physician-in-the-loop approach to enhance diagnosis practically and revise the system. Moreover, we focused on decision support for dementia diagnosis, teaching and research. Therefore, we would retrieve images of similar patients via a medical grid by querying keywords of the base information, clinical History, clinical diagnose, Lab. we get the new retrieved image database for the patients. Therefore, we will analysis their medical image correlation by image processing and the relevance of the clinical data and images in order to assist diagnosis, research and teaching. Security and privacy is also a very important issue in this field of research. First, we build trusted electronic relationships between healthcare customers, employees, businesses, trading partners and stakeholders. Therefore, when we use the patient's anamnesis, examination data, or medical images, whether we have the patient's permission or not, there must be a set of procedures to follow accordingly. We plan to consider the security and privacy function in the system, in the future. The implementation of this prototyping system must be well organized and the initial testing done on an offline system. The clinical data could be backed-up and copied to a

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