[Advances in ubiquitin-like protein ISG15-mediated anti-viral response].

ArticleinBing du xue bao = Chinese journal of virology / [bian ji, Bing du xue bao bian ji wei yuan hui] 28(1):78-83 · January 2012with9 Reads
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    ISG15 is a 15kD ubiquitin-like protein (UBL) induced by interferon (IFN). ISG15 can be covalently attached to proteins, which is called ISGylation process. ISGylation system contains ISG15, UBE1L, UBCH8 and HERC5 proteins, which are all essential for ISGylation. ISG15 and ISGylation system have been found to have anti-viral effects. A better understanding of how ISG15 mediates the anti-viral activity will provide insights for new anti-viral drugs development and new therapeutic strategies. The mechanisms underlying the ISG15 mediated anti-viral response have been explored extensively in recent years. This minireview summarized the research advances of how ISG15 mediated the anti-viral effects against different kinds of viruses.