Cognitive, Psychological and Psychiatric Effects of Ionizing Radiation Exposure

ArticleinCurrent Medicinal Chemistry 19(12):1864-9 · February 2012with108 Reads
Impact Factor: 3.85 · DOI: 10.2174/092986712800099776 · Source: PubMed


    Radiation exposure leads to an increased risk for cancer and, possibly, additional ill-defined non-cancer risk, including atherosclerotic, cardiovascular, cerebro-vascular and neurodegenerative effects. Studies of brain irradiation in animals and humans provide evidence of apoptosis, neuro-inflammation, loss of oligo-dendrocytes precursors and myelin sheaths, and irreversible damage to the neural stem compartment with long-term impairment of adult neurogenesis. With the present paper we aim to present a comprehensive review on brain effects of radiation exposure, with a special focus on its impact on cognitive processes and psychological functions, as well as on their possible role in the pathophysiology of different psychiatric disorders.