Chemoprevention of pancreatic cancer-one step closer

ArticleinLangenbeck s Archives of Surgery 397(4):495-505 · February 2012with5 Reads
Impact Factor: 2.19 · DOI: 10.1007/s00423-012-0916-x · Source: PubMed


    Since for pancreatic cancer the mortality rate approaches the incidence rate with only 1–4% of all patients surviving 5 years, it would be would be of great value to provide chemopreventive treatment for high-risk individuals.
    The preclinical study of pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PanINs) has recently been made possible by the generation of genetically modified animal models, which recapitulate human PanINs and invasive pancreatic cancer on a genetic and histomorphologic level. Very recently, several groups have reported first evidence of chemoprevention of pancreatic cancer.