[Construction of recombinant plasmid expressing S1 gene of new type of reovirus].


    To construct the recombinant plasmid containing S1 gene of new type of reovirus, and to study the expression of protein sigma1 in Vero cells.
    The recombinant plasmid, named pC-S, was constructed by cloning S1 gene into vector pCAGGS/MCS. Then Vero cells were transfected with pC-S and collected at 24, 48, 72 h post transfection followed by SDS-PAGE and Western-Blot assay.
    Results both SDS-PAGE and Western-Blot assay indicated that sigma1 protein could be expressed well and the highest expression level was 72 h post transfection.
    Sigma1 protein could be expressed well in Vero cells by transfected with recombinant plasmid containing S1 gene, and could give some implications for subsequent research on virus-host interactions.