The Design of Humanoid Robot Arm Based on Morphological and Neurological Analysis of Human Arm

Sunchon Nat. Univ., Sunchon
In book: Humanoid Robots
Source: InTech


In this paper, we have presented the implementation and performance evaluation for SERCOS based humanoid robot arm by using morphological and neurological analysis of human arm. Moreover, we reviewed the possibility of application of these robot arms. First, we proposed robot development methodology of open architecture based on ISO15745 for "opening of humanoid robot." Then, we verified the method of implementation of humanoid robot arm and its application to the real world. We have implemented robot arm using SERCOS communication and AC servo motor for high precision motion control; in addition, we got a mean position trace error of 4.112mm and mean position repetition error of 0.135mm as a control performance.

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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, we design and implement an optical cable interface module of 100 BaseFx for physical layer of network based on EtherCAT, industrial Ethernet protocol. We propose the suitability as control network of the intelligent service robot after optical cable interface applied in sensor/actuator of control system.
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    ABSTRACT: With the rapid development of ship power system, the former field bus network of ship power system can not meet the new communication needs. The Real Time Ethernet is proved more efficient and versatile than the current field bus technology, and IEC 61158 ED4 has included Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, PowerLink , SERCOS III, EPA, and so on. This paper focus on the implementing of Real Time Ethernet for ship power system. However, ship power system is complex, and its communication needs are various. At first, this paper analyzes the communication needs, and then design a communication network for ship power system employing Ethernet/IP and SERCOS III. Afterwards, the paper runs simulation on OPNET, and tests the performance of network redundancy. Both simulation and test indicate that this design is able to meet the communication needs of ship power system.
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