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How can I improve outcomes in asthma?

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May 1999 · WMJ: official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin
    April 2014 · The Journal of Rural Health · Impact Factor: 1.45
      Patient activation, an individual's knowledge, skills, and confidence for managing their own health and health care, can play an important role in the management of chronic conditions. However, few studies have examined patient activation in underserved rural communities. The purpose of this study was to describe patient activation and examine how patient activation is associated with... [Show full abstract]
      January 2012
        Poor adherence to asthma medication treatment is a dilemma as it decreases the chance of achieving and maintaining a proper asthma control. Another dilemma is that there seems to be a small range of functional interventions that enhance adherence to long-term medication treatments. The aim was to review the last five years of published educational interventions for improving adherence to... [Show full abstract]
        April 2004 · Journal of Clinical Epidemiology · Impact Factor: 3.42
          The development of a reliable asthma registry is an important first step for conducting population-based asthma disease management. This study developed a computerized algorithm for defining prevalent asthma, identified operational difficulties, and summarized data on asthma prevalence in the study population.Study design and settingAs part of a study of the incidence of occupational asthma,... [Show full abstract]
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