Conference Paper

HPC Simulation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Conference: Parallel Computing: Architectures, Algorithms and Applications, ParCo 2007, Forschungszentrum Jülich and RWTH Aachen University, Germany, 4-7 September 2007
Source: DBLP


High performance computer (HPC) simulations provide helpful insights to the process of mag- netic resonance image (MRI) generation, e.g. for general pulse sequence design and optimisa- tion, artefact detection, validation of experimental results, hardware optimisation, MRI sample development and for education purposes. This manuscript presents the recently developed sim- ulator JEMRIS (Julich Environment for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Simulation). JEMRIS is developed in C++, the message passing is realised with the MPI library. The approach provides generally valid numerical solutions for the case of classical MR spin physics governed by the Bloch equations. The framework already serves as a tool in research projects, as will be shown for the important example of multidimensional, spatially-selective excitation.