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Spatial data streaming or streaming spatial data: just stream it the way you like.

DOI: 10.1145/1823854.1823856 Conference: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference and Exhibition on Computing for Geospatial Research & Application, COM.Geo 2010, Washington, DC, USA, June 21-23, 2010
Source: DBLP


Have you ever counted the number of times the word "streaming" has occurred in a geospatial oriented conference proceedings over the past few years? Have you ever monitored the growth of the geospatial research and industrial community? Have you ever noticed that geospatial researchers are living the luxury of an era where real-time data is streamed at the convenience of their fingertips? Thanks to advances in the "geosensing" technologies, the geospatial community is "almost" ready for their next revolutionary jump. But not quite ready yet! Until we understand how we can process, mine, and analyze the massive amount of data being streamed from geo-sensors every second, the challenge is still there. However, the horizon looks bright. There have been several success stories to continuously monitor and manage spatiotemporal stream data, each of which has its own position and promise. They ranged from leveraging a geographic information system with streaming capabilities (call it, spatial-data streaming) to leveraging a full-fledged data streaming system with spatial libraries (streaming spatial data, with the emphasis on the word streaming coming first). The spectrum in between these two extremes has been investigated as well. This talk covers the "Today of Geospatial" and introduces to the audience several geospatial directions at Microsoft, e.g., SQL Server Spatial, Bing Maps, SQL Server BI, SQL Spatial Library, and then, goes into the "Future of Geospatial": geostreaming and, more specifically, geostreaming in the cloud. The talk is divided into two parts: The first part provides a 10,000 foot view of various geospatial efforts at Microsoft and, then, zooms-in through selected angles to highlight key milestones that have advanced the geostreaming state of the art. The second part of the talk introduces the Microsoft SQL Server StreamInsight approach to geostreaming and highlights its impact on the future of the geo-world. This talk provides the unique lessons that have been taken over the last few years, an industrial perspective of the problem, and definitely a vision of how the ".geo" term will be one of the hottest terms over the coming decades (if not over the coming years).

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