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RainWatch Project: Location-Awared Realtime Detection and Notification of Rain on Internet-Based Sensor Network

Univ. of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
DOI: 10.1109/SAINT.2009.59 Conference: Ninth Annual International Symposium on Applications and the Internet, SAINT 2009, Bellevue, Washington, USA, July 20-24, 2009, Proceedings
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This paper introduces RainWatch project which enable rain-sensitive users to monitor real time rain information in area of userspsila interest. Real-time detection and notification of rain situation will allow users to take appropriate preparation (e.g., evacuation from the area in case of disaster prevention), which can prevent loss of lives and damage on our properties. The RainWatch system stands on top of Live E! data platform, which is a wide-area sensor application testbed operated by multiple-organizations distributedly with about 100 Internet weather stations. The RainWatch system monitors the rain state around a certain geographical point and makes notifications or warnings (e.g., the rain is approaching) in real-time to the users that have interest in the point. Strong needs for this application will influence the design of the sensor networking infrastructure regard to location-awareness and real-time-ness.

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    ABSTRACT: The problems, such as environmental monitoring for global warming, currently under research by scientists and engineers are complex, inter-related worldwide phenomena that require global scale sensor networks to study and understand. Cost and resource constraints prohibit organizations, even national governments, and industrial and academic consortiums from deploying sensor networks on a global scale. Therefore, it is increasingly necessary for research groups to provide access to their non-proprietary, unclassified sensor networks so that the data may be analyzed without compromising its integrity, and at times repurposed by scientists and engineers studying other aspects of inter-related phenomena. This paper proposes a global scale wireless sensor network (GSWSN) architectural framework with the Internet providing backbone connectivity among geographically disperse sensor network sites, and discusses the challenges inherent to this undertaking.
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