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Parallelization of a Recursive Decoupling Method for Solving Tridiagonal Linear Systems on Distributed Memory Computer.

DOI: 10.1007/3-540-44942-6_28 Conference: Vector and Parallel Processing - VECPAR 2000, 4th International Conference, Porto, Portugal, June 21-23, 2000, Selected Papers and Invited Talks
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. This work presents a parallelization of a recursive decouplingmethod for solving tridiagonal linear system on distributed memory computer.We study the fill-in in the algorithm to optimize the execution ofthe scalar algorithm and to perform the communications. Finally, weevaluate the algorithm through specific test on the Fujitsu AP3000.1 IntroductionIn recent years considerable effort has been devoted to solve tridiagonal systems(TS), a very important class of linear systems which...

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