Integrated Design of Object-Oriented Real-Time Control and Database Systems.

Conference Paper · January 1995with2 Reads
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Conference: SEKE'95, The 7th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, June 22-24, 1995, Rockville, Maryland, USA, Proceedings


    This paper introduces a modelling methodology basedon G-Nets, that can be applied to the design and prototypingof both real-time control systems and real-timedatabases. The methodology is applied to model a flexiblemanufacturing cell.Keywords: real-time control systems, real-timedatabases, high-level Petri nets.1 IntroductionOur goal in this paper is to introduce a design methodbased on a class of of high-level Petri nets, named GNets [1], that can be applied for both, the design...