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Human Factors In Computer Security.

Conference: Education and Society - Information Processing '92, Volume 2, Proceedings of the IFIP 12th World Computer Congress, Madrid, Spain, 7-11 September 1992
Source: DBLP


The problem of network security has existed from the inception of communication networks. While the objectives of computer networks were primarily resource sharing and the reduction of costs, there remained the problem of unauthorized access. For example, the threats to privacy of individual records become a great problem. These threats may originate from hackers, eavesdroppers or criminals whose intentions for whatever reasons probably will result in loss of data, falsification of records through fraudulent means and blackmail due to access to unauthorized information. While managing a computer data center for several years, the authors investigated, monitored, and researched computer security of all possible forms. They played the roles of managers and hackers. At the end, they began to publish their findings. In this paper they will illustrate several important computer and computer network security issues which they encountered. Human factors governing these issues of concern are discussed.

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