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JPEG2000 Based Scalable Summary for Remote Video Content Browsing and Efficient Semantic Structure Understanding.

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Conference: Knowledge-Based Media Analysis for Self-Adaptive and Agile Multi-Media, Proceedings of the European Workshop for the Integration of Knowledge, Semantics and Digital Media Technology, EWIMT 2004, November 25-26, 2004, London, UK
Source: DBLP


This paper presents a new method for remote and interactive browsing of long video sequences. The solution is based on interactive navigation in a scalable mega image resulting from a JPEG2000 coded keyframe-based video summary. The presented system is compliant with the new JPEG2000 part 9 "JPIP – JPEG2000 Interactivity, API and Protocol," which lends itself to working under varying channel conditions such as wireless networks. The flexibility offered by JPEG2000 allows the application to highlight interactively keyframes corresponding to the desired content first within a low quality and low-resolution version of the full video summary. It then offers a fine grain scalability for a user to navigate and zoom in to particular scenes or events represented by the keyframes. This possibility to visualise keyframes of interest and playback the corresponding video shots within the context of the whole sequence enables the user to understand the temporal relations between semantically similar events, i.e. a new way to analyse long video sequences.

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