Conference Paper

Joint multiple-image compression and encryption based on adapted fractal mating coding for secured image distribution

Conference: Signal and Image Processing (SIP 2005), Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference, August 15-17, 2005, Honolulu, HI, USA
Source: DBLP


In our previous research, the fractal mating coding (FMC) method that can jointly perform the coding/decoding of more than two images was proposed. In this study, the multiple-image compression cooperated with the encryption based on the FMC method is proposed for secured image sharing and distribution. In addition to the the mating ratio array between the jointly coded images, the mating tables denoting the grouping relationships and how the fractal codes are exchanged among the selected images in the database is employed for the encryption purpose. The jointly coded images cannot be correctly reconstructed unless all the information about the grouping relationship, mating ratio array, and mating tables are correct. The computer experiments on the security purpose of the multiple-image distribution are performed to verify the proposed schemes.

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