The PADRES Distributed Publish/Subscribe System.

Conference Paper · January 2005with39 Reads
Source: DBLP
Conference: Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems VIII, ICFI'05, 28-30 June 2005, Leicester, UK

Work∞ow management systems are traditionally centralized, creating a single point of failure and a scalability bottleneck. In col- laboration with Cybermation, Inc., we have developed a content-based publish/subscribe platform, called PADRES, which is a distributed mid- dleware platform with features inspired by the requirements of work∞ow management and business process execution. These features constitute original additions to publish/subscribe systems and include an expres- sive subscription language, composite subscription processing, a rule- based matching and routing mechanism, historc, query-based data ac- cess, and the support for the decentralized execution of business process specifled in XML. PADRES constitutes the basis for the next genera- tion of enterprise management systems developed by Cybermation, Inc., including business process automation, monitoring, and execution appli- cations.


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