Experiments with an Improved Constrained Expression Toolset.

Conference Paper · January 1991with2 Reads
DOI: 10.1145/120807.120823 · Source: DBLP
Conference: the symposium


    At TAV3, we described a prelimimu-y version of the constrained expression toolset, and reported on the results of our initial experiments with it, Through those experiments we discovered shortcomings in some of the tools that limited the size of the examples that we could analyze. We have since redesigned and reimplementcd several components of the toolset, with performance improvements of more than two orders of magnitude in some cases. The improved toolset has been successfully used with designs that involve hundreds of concurrent processes. In this paper, we describe several experiments with the new version of the toolset, including preliminary experiments with a technique for analyzing systems that include an essentially arbitrary number of identical components.