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An Image-Based Scene Representation and Rendering Framework Incorporating Multiple Representations.

Conference: Proceedings of the Vision, Modeling, and Visualization Conference 2003 (VMV 2003), München, Germany, November 19-21, 2003
Source: DBLP


A variety of image-based scene representations like light fields, concentric mosaics, panoramas, and omnidirectional video have been proposed in the past years. These image-based scene represen- tations provide photorealistic interactive user navigation in a 3D scene. As the trade-off between acquisition complexity, freedom of movement and rendering quality differs for the diverse tech- niques, the most efficient scene representation and rendering technique should be selected with re- spect to scene content and complexity. Splitting a scene into partial representations which are adapted to local requirements is pro- posed in this paper. Besides meaningful restric- tions to user movement, the transition between different image-based scene representations is addressed to provide an efficient image based walkthrough for large and complex scenes. We identify rendering parameters to achieve a seam- less transition between different representations and present results for stitching together concen- tric mosaics, omnidirectional video and light fields.

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