VAMBAM: View and Motion-based Aspect Models for Distributed Omnidirectional Vision Systems.

Conference Paper · January 2001with6 Reads
Source: DBLP
Conference: Proceedings of the Seventeenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI 2001, Seattle, Washington, USA, August 4-10, 2001


    This paper proposes a new model for gesture recognition. The model, called view and motion -based aspect models (VAMBAM), is an omnidirectional view-based aspect model based on motion-based segmentation. This model realizes location-free and rotation-free gesture recognition with a distributed omnidirectional vision system (DOVS). The distributed vision system consisting of multiple omnidirectional cameras is a prototype of a perceptual information infrastructure for monitoring and recognizing the real world. In addition to the concept of VABAM, this paper shows how the model realizes robust and real-time visual recognition of the DOVS.