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Evaluer le passage à l'échelle dans des environnements à pertinence multivaluée

Conference: COnférence en Recherche d'Infomations et Applications - CORIA 2006, 3rd French Information Retrieval Conference, Lyon, France, March 15-17, 2006. Proceedings
Source: DBLP


Nowadays, many factors support a growing production of information. In modern large environments, for the user's point of view, it is desirable to have IRS that retrieve docu- ments according to their relevance levels. Relevance levels have been studied in some previous IR works while some others (few) IR research works tackled the questions of IRS effectiveness and collections size. These latter works used standard IR measures on collections of increasing size to analyze IRS effectiveness scalability. In this work, we bring together these two issues in IR (multigraded relevance and scalability) by designing some new metrics for evaluating the ability of IRS to rank documents according to their relevance levels when collection size increases.

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