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On-site real-time 3D match move for MR-based previsualization with relighting

DOI: 10.1145/1837026.1837074 Conference: International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, SIGGRAPH 2010, Los Angeles, California, USA, July 26-30, 2010, Talks Proceedings
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We are developing a previsualization method called MR-PreViz, which utilizes mixed reality technology for filmmaking [Tenmoku et al. 2006]. To determine camera-work at the shooting site, estimating camera position and posture is required. In this paper, we introduce a method for on-site real-time 3D match move and relighting for MR-PreViz. To realize the match move, we developed a computer vision-based camera tracking method using natural feature tracking. This method is based on details about the site captured in advance. The method can automatically construct a feature landmark database (LMDB) using a fiducial marker. Moreover, the result of the method enables MR-PreViz to design lighting for the site using a relighting method. To add lighting effects to the real objects, the relighting method uses reflectance properties of the real objects and LMDB.

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    ABSTRACT: PreViz is a computer graphics movie that represents desired scenes in preproduction and is useful for sharing the director's imagination among crews. Therefore, film industry looks upon PreViz as one of the most important processes in filmmaking as the processes become complicated [The Previs Society 2011]. Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) movie production not only changed ways of expressiveness but also changed ways of production and tools. Consequently, it requires more careful planning and PreViz is still important. This paper describes a prototype of S3D MR-PreViz system for HD S3D PreViz shooting using mixed reality (MR) technologies in order to facilitate PreViz making in S3D. This system is designed as an extension of MR-PreViz for classic filmmaking [Ichikari et al. 2010].
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    ABSTRACT: In order to rehearse for a play or a scene from a movie, it is generally required that the actors are physically present at the same time in the same place. In this paper we present an example and experience of a full body motion shared virtual environment (SVE) for rehearsal. The system allows actors and directors to meet in an SVE in order to rehearse scenes for a play or a movie, that is, to perform some dialogue and blocking (positions, movements, and displacements of actors in the scene) rehearsal through a full body interactive virtual reality (VR) system. The system combines immersive VR rendering techniques as well as network capabilities together with full body tracking. Two actors and a director rehearsed from separate locations. One actor and the director were in London (located in separate rooms) while the second actor was in Barcelona. The Barcelona actor used a wide field-of-view head-tracked head-mounted display, and wore a body suit for real-time motion capture and display. The London actor was in a Cave system, with head and partial body tracking. Each actor was presented to the other as an avatar in the shared virtual environment, and the director could see the whole scenario on a desktop display, and intervene by voice commands. A video stream in a window displayed in the virtual environment also represented the director. The London participant was a professional actor, who afterward commented on the utility of the system for acting rehearsal. It was concluded that full body tracking and corresponding real-time display of all the actors' movements would be a critical requirement, and that blocking was possible down to the level of detail of gestures. Details of the implementation, actors, and director experiences are provided.
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