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IBP: An index-based XML parser model

DOI: 10.1007/11577188_9 Conference: Network and Parallel Computing, IFIP International Conference, NPC 2005, Beijing, China, November 30 - December 3, 2005, Proceedings
Source: DBLP


With XML widely used in distributed system, the existing parser models, DOM and SAX, are inefficient and resource intensive
for applications with large XML documents. This paper presents an index-based parser model (IBP), which contains validation
and non-validation modes, supports nearly all the XML characteristics. IBP has the characters of speediness, robustness and
low resource requirement, which is more suitable for mass information parsing. We presents the application of IBP in a real-time
distributed monitoring prototype system, the results have shown IBP effective.

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    ABSTRACT: To achieve the goal of grid computing, scalable and effective mechanisms for representing, managing, and retrieving diversiform grid information are required. This paper presents an XML-based Grid Information Management System (XGIMS), which implements grid information modelling and retrieval. With GLUE specification, an extensible schema service is proposed, which supports user-defined resource schemas. Different from lots of existing approaches, an index- based XML parser is used to build indexes of grid resources based on the model. Furthermore an index- based XPath engine is presented for efficient and flexible query. XGIMS has been applied to the Information Service in ChinaGrid and the experiment results proved its efficiency.
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    ABSTRACT: The focus of Grid computing shifted in recent years towards data-intensive applications. Additionally, it became more standard-based and the adherence to and usage of them has to be further fostered in order to enable and ease exchange and interoperability among the research community. The OGSA-DAI framework for data access and integration together with its default XML output format for relational data, namely Java's WebRowSet, are two important representatives of these developments. The research reported in this paper is being conducted in the context of the EU project ADMIRE. The paper's contribution is twofold and targeted on improving the scalability of query result handling in SoA. First, an XML indexing approach is elaborated to provide an out-of-core Java implementation of the standard Java WebRowSet interface to handle big XML files with low main memory consumption. Second, the concept of fine grained data statistics for data preprocessing tasks calculated on-the-fly data service side is presented.
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