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Data Mining in Traffic Flow Analysis of City Tunnel.

DOI: 10.1109/DBTA.2009.59 Conference: First International Workshop on Database Technology and Applications, DBTA 2009, Wuhan, Hubei, China, April 25-26, 2009, Proceedings
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The elementary theories and methods of data mining technology is introduced, and specifically applied the data mining technology to the Uprising Square Tunnel traffic flow in the city of Wuhan. Using the clustering analysis tools provided by SQL SERVER 2000, we first carry on the clean to the primary data, and then set up a data mining model, finally carry on the analysis to the result to obtain some traffic characteristics of the tunnel. This information not only helps the tunnel administrative personnel to manage the tunnel more effectively, but also facilitate driving personnel's going on a journey.

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    ABSTRACT: On mountain highways, excessive speeding appears to be the major factor that causes fatal traffic accidents. In order to find out the most significant attributes that affects the vehicle speed so that countermeasures could be applied. Therefore, based on the actual traffic data collected from black spots in four provinces of southwestern China; this paper investigated the significant roadway attributes that influence the speed of small cars on mountain highways through Two step clustering algorithm, which is capable of clustering both categorical and continuous attributes. Through experiments, it shows that “material of roadway” and “presence of protective facilities at roadside” are two major attributes that affect the vehicle speed; furthermore, “material of roadway” contributes relatively more on affecting vehicle speed.
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    ABSTRACT: A large amount of processing data was accumulated within plant processing. And its necessary to use this data for plant processing as well as its administration. In this article the data mining technology and its utilization were discussed, according to research results, the fitting relationship is:Cu recovery (%)= -1.1221*lime dosage (Kg/t)+92.6, the lime dosage alteration effect on copper recovery are 1.41% absolutely and 1.66% relatively. The fitting relationship of copper concentrate grade and lime dosage is:Cu grade (%)= 0.0554*lime dosage (Kg/t)+19.271, the lime dosage alteration effect on copper recovery are 0.070% absolutely and 0.36% relatively. It can be concluded that the lime dosage has a great effect on copper recovery, and lime dosage is relative to the total metal minerals in the ore, because the fitting relationship of the lime dosage and metal minerals summation in the ore is:Dosage (Kg/t)= 0.0487*total metal minerals (%)+2.6441, the lime dosage show a positive relationship with total metal minerals in the ore.
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