Job aids and performance support: the convergence of learning and work

International Journal of Learning Technology 01/2006; 2(4):310-328. DOI: 10.1504/IJLT.2006.011337
Source: DBLP


Performance support is happening where we work and live. Under a tree and at a park bench, in a submarine, at a parent-teacher meeting, in a cubicle, or on the manufacturing floor, people reach beyond themselves for help in doing what needs to be done. The support comes as extensive computer systems, reminders on cellphones, and notes scribbled on old envelopes. Annual studies by ASTD and Training magazine confirm the slow, steady trend away from classroom delivery and towards more technological approaches. This shift to knowledge everywhere suggests the beginnings of a revolution in workplace learning, a revolution that brings messages and meaning closer to where it is needed. What is performance support? Where did it come from? And what are the possibilities suggested by planner and sidekick support? Those questions are addressed here.

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    ABSTRACT: We are living at the beginning of a new Era of “Knowledge Society” in which tremendous changes are undergoing in education. Ways of acquiring new knowledge have been strongly influenced by the ICT by which we are surrounding every day by almost every aspect of our live. The rapid grow of mobile devices has been dramatically changed the way we communicate and we get information and without no doubt has become an important driver of innovation in learning. Mobile computing is one of the fastest growing within the technology industry worldwide which make possible to envisage an audience for mobile learning content which is media rich, collaborative and always available to the user. The main objective of this paper is to describe the transfer of innovative mobile Performance Support system methodology to the area of ebusiness in Poland, Bulgaria and Spain and on its foundations to develop the E-business mobile training methodology (EMTM). The mPSS was designed, developed, evaluated and implemented within the frames of Leonardo development of innovation project which ended in 2010. mPSS presents m-learning as a form of performance support system for educational and training purposes and can be easily adopted to the needs of future and present managers of e-business. The paper will also describe the steps which the new Leonardo project for transfer of innovation has to perform to meet the project targets and to obtain project outcomes which will be transfer of innovative mPSS methodology, trainer's manual, pilot training program for 68 trainees and set of training materials as well multimedia content.
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