A process model for concurrent design in manufacturing enterprise information systems

ArticleinEnterprise Information Systems 2(1):33-46 · February 2008with3 Reads
Impact Factor: 9.26 · DOI: 10.1080/17517570701661813 · Source: DBLP


    In manufacturing enterprise information systems, concurrent design process is one of the focuses of research on design process management. This study proposes a novel process model for concurrent design based on unified modelling language (UML) and polychromatic sets theory. Model primitives and constructs of UML activity diagram, concurrent design activities, and dynamic changes of concurrent design process are described in the polychromatic sets contour matrix. Based on polychromatic sets theory, the model reduction rules and algorithm are proposed. With the feature-based part design and process planning, a UML model of concurrent design process is developed and mapped into polychromatic sets contour matrix model. The dynamic change, model reduction, path search and time consumption of concurrent design process are analysed, and the direction for improving concurrent design process and shortening product development cycle is suggested.