Low Power Energy Recovery Complementary Pass-Transistor Logic.

Journal of Circuits System and Computers (Impact Factor: 0.25). 08/2006; 15(4):491-504. DOI: 10.1142/S0218126606003271
Source: DBLP


A proposed adiabatic logic called Energy Recovery Complementary Pass-transistor Logic (ERCPL) is presented in this paper. It operates with a two-phase nonoverlapping power-clock supply. It uses bootstrapping to achieve efficient power saving and eliminates any nonadiabatic losses on the charge-steering devices. A scheme is used to recover part of the energy trapped in the bootstrapping nodes. We compare the energy dissipation between ERCPL and other logic circuits by simulation. Simulation results show that a pipelined ERCPL carry look-ahead adder can achieve a power reduction of 80% over the conventional CMOS case. Operation of an 8-bit ERCPL CLA fabricated using the TSMC 0.35 μm 1P4M CMOS technology has been experimentally verified.

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