Division of Labor by Gender and Postmarital Residence in Cross-Cultural Perspective: A Reconsideration

Cross-Cultural Research (Impact Factor: 1.21). 11/2003; Vol. 37(No. 4):335-372. DOI: 10.1177/1069397103253685
First theories proposed to explain determinants of postmarital residence
connected it with the division of labor by gender. However, at
the moment all the cross-cultural tests of this hypothesis using
worldwide samples have failed to find any significant relationship
between these two variables. In the meantime, the alternative explanations
of the postmarital residence led the author to expect that
such a relationship would be found if the societies with an extremely
low female contribution to subsistence were contrasted with
the rest of the world cultures. There are reasons to expect that an extremely
low female contribution should predict more or less
strongly the nonmatrilocal residence and less strongly (but still significantly)
the patrilocal residence. Aseries of worldwide crosscultural
tests performed by the author using five various sets of
coded data on female contribution to subsistence has fully supported
this hypothesis.


Available from: A. Korotayev