Improving Classification Performance of Nursing-Care Text Classification System by Using GA-Based Term Selection.

JACIII 03/2010; 14(2):142-149.
Source: DBLP


In order to reduce evaluation workloads for nursingcare experts, we have proposed a Support Vector Machine (SVM) based classification system. In this paper, for improving the classification performance, we propose a Genetic Algorithm (GA) based attribute selection method. First, we extract nouns and verbs from nursing-care texts by using of the morphological analysis software and store the extracted terms into a "term list." Next, some combinations of terms in the term list are selected by a GA with two objectives; (1) maximizing the number of correctly classified texts and (2) minimizing the number of selected terms. Then, we classify the nursing-care texts with these selected terms by using of a SVM-based classification system. From computer simulations, we show the effectiveness of a GA-based attribute selection method for classifying the nursing-care texts.

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    ABSTRACT: Classification algorithm for discharge summary stored in hospital is proposed for advance in quality about medical care based on structured information. It provides similarity of morpheme word in discharge summary for each DPC (Diagnosis Procedure Combination) code, which the similarity is calculated based on SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, and plan) information stored in electronic health record. Experimental classification results for 550 discharge summaries of 55 DPC codes taken in Kochi Medical School hospital show that accuracy of classification is 85% and that the same words are used in discharge summary of the same DPC codes. The proposed algorithm can be used for intercomparison study of words of discharge summary in Japan.
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, for improving performance of the nursing-care text classification, we introduce a mechanism of retrieving terms from Web. Every year, the nursing-care texts are collected by using Web application to improve nursing-care quality in Japan. The collected nursing-care texts are decomposed into morphemes (i.e., terms), and then terms are stored as a term list. Each text is represented as a feature vector by using the term list and classified using a SVM based classification system. The training data sets for constructing SVM based classification system are different from the evaluation data sets. That is, there are differences between the term lists of the nursing-care texts because the nursing-care texts are collected and evaluated every year. To cover this difference, we introduce a mechanism of retrieving terms from Web. A new term which appeared in the evaluation data sets is used as a query of a search engine. The terms in the term list are also used as queries. Terms are represented by the search results, and then are compared with each other. We use the most similar term in the term list as an alternative of the new term. From experimental results, we show effectiveness of our proposed method.
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    ABSTRACT: Recently, “Web based Nursing-care Quality Improvement System” have been proposed and operating continuously for improving the nursing-care quality in Japan. For evaluating actual nursing-care process, freestyle Japanese texts which are called “nursing-care texts” are collected through the Internet. The nursing-care experts read the collected nursing-care texts carefully to evaluate actual nursing-care process. Then they make a recommendation which includes some improvements, and send it to each nurse. The number of nursing-care experts who can evaluate the nursing-care texts is a few. Hence, it is hard to perform the above mentioned evaluation process because of a large number of nurses. In order to assist nursing-care experts in evaluating the nursing-care texts, we have been developing a computer aided nursing-care text classification system. In this paper, first, we introduce our computer aided nursing-care text classification system. Then we propose a method to improve the classification performance of the nursing-care text classification system. In our proposed method, dependency relation between terms is extracted from the nursing-care text. The extracted dependency is used as a feature value which represents characteristics of each nursing-care text. From some experimental results for the actual nursing-care text sets, we show that our proposed feature definition is effective for improving the classification performance.
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