International Journal of Information Acquisition 04/2004; 1(2):149-168. DOI: 10.1142/S021987890400015X


This paper proposes a unified knowledge model establishing a core structure of knowledge representation in natural and artificial intelligence systems. The Concept Cell Model proposes the use of acyclic lattices to model a concept formed from a knowledge network of simpler concepts. Declarative and procedural knowledge are explicitly defined as the time-invariant and time-variant relationship of concepts. Examples of a Restaurant Servicing Concept Cell and an extended Shopping Complex Concept Cell are used to demonstrate the functionality of this model. Major existing theoretic and engineering Ontology knowledge schools are compared under this framework.

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    ABSTRACT: This paper discusses a proposed mixed query image and text retrieval database, combining text-based search technology and image content-based search technology for more accurate results. The target application will be aimed at large, categorized image sets, such as large image collections of libraries or patent offices. It can be shown that this mixed query image search engine, can achieve better efficiency and higher quality than traditional text-based queries and content-based systems. This paper will discuss the designing principle of the mixed query image search engine, outline the architecture and show results from an initial prototype database.
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