Adaptação do Instrumento de Avaliação Neuropsicológica Breve NEUPSILIN para avaliar pacientes com afasia expressiva: NEUPSILIN-Af

Article (PDF Available) · January 2011with113 Reads
This paper aims to present an adaptation of the Brief Neuropsychological Assessment Battery NEUPSILIN for patients with expressive aphasia (NEUPSILIN-Af). This battery includes a brief assessment of components of the functions Time and Spatial Orientation, Attention, Perception, Memory (Working Memory, Episodic-Semantic, Long-Term Semantic, Prospective and Visual), Arithmetic Abilities, Language (Oral and Written), Praxias (Ideomotor, Constructional and Reflexive) and Executive Functions (Simple Problem Solving and Verbal Fluency). The adaptation was necessary due to primarily linguistic deficits of expressive aphasic patients, who have dificulties in the production of verbal answers. The adaptation process involved six steps: 1) literature review, 2) analysis of the original instrument and construction of NEUPSILIN-Af preliminary adapted version, 3) analysis of expert judges in the health area; 4) analysis of expert judges in the neuropsychology area, 5) pilot study, and 6) the final version. These procedures allowed to test the content validity of the NEUPSILIN-Af. Future steps in this study include testing the sensitivity of this battery for detecting cognitive impairment in patients with expressive aphasia.