Arteriovenous aneurysms in patients on hemodialysis.

ArticleinFolia medica 34(3-4):49-52 · February 1992
Source: PubMed


    Realization of vascular access for patients with chronic renal failure on chronic hemodialysis sometimes proves to be a difficult task. Problems arise when these routes start creating complications and technical difficulties after longterm hemodialysis. A similar problem arises in dealing with arteriovenous aneurysms in patients on chronic hemodialysis. Along with technical difficulties, there also are a number of problems related to hemodynamics and hemostasis. In the present study, 32 patients were analyzed. These patients had advanced arteriovenous aneurysmal dilatations which necessitated surgical intervention. The state of advancement, the causes and the possible types of aneurysms were taken into account. Serious surgical aneurysmal complications were observed in more than 40 percent of the cases. After surgical removal of the arteriovenous aneurysms, the problem of creating new routes for continuing hemodialysis always arose and frequently led to atypical and nonconventional solutions. Suggestions are made for prolongation of life and maximal avoidance of aneurysmal dilatation development in the vascular accesses of patients on chronic hemodialysis.