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INDICADORES DE POLUIÇÃO DA QUALIDADE DO AR, ATRAVÉS DAS CONDIÇÕES DA ÁGUA DA CHUVA - estudo de caso na Cidade de Curitiba e áreas adjacentes

Conference: I Congresso Brasileiro de Organização Do Espaço e X Seminário de Pós-Gradução em Geografia da UNESP/Rio Claro


This work has the goals of survey indicators of pollution and air quality on high rainfall correlate between Monitoring Stations with amateur collectors of rainwater in the city of Curitiba and surrounding areas. The study is based on physico-chemical analysis of some parameters for the assessment of air quality such as pH and Total Solids. However, preliminary results showed variations of the different dynamics as the anthropogenic influence of high density urban, industrial, landfill, and other variables, probably related to air temperature,social status and location. The correlation of rainfall data were close in four of nine sampling areas and observed the situation of atmospheric stability occurred in the winter months accompanied by the displacement of the anticyclonic system Migratory Polar Atlantic, in the same period of this research. However there is need for more studies regarding the monitoring of air quality on the part of government bodies, especially in large cities such as Curitiba and metropolitan region, in order to identify polluted areas, propose preventive actions to reduce emission of pollutants in the atmosphere and the best management efficiency
public organization of geographic space.

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Available from: Gustavo Zen de Figueiredo Neves, Jan 16, 2016
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