Comportamentos no trânsito e causas da agressividade/ Behaviors in the Traffic and Causes of Aggressiveness

Revista de Psicologia da UnC 01/2004; 2:15-22.


The aggressiveness in the traffic has already become a social problem, with the absence of security that brings all of us that are part of the traffic. We know that it is present in the traffic through several behaviors performed by the drivers and that influences in the way of utilization of that public space which needs to be with education, respect, tolerance and no aggressiveness, for the liberty that we have with a vehicle isn’t always the correct form. It was investigated through a questionnaire applied to ninety-four vehicle drivers the frequency that they practice determined behaviors and their perceptions in regard to the causes of aggressiveness in the traffic. The drivers perceived that the main cause of aggressiveness in the traffic is nervousness and it was evidenced notorious difference of aggressiveness in the frequency of performed behaviors by men and women, being the aggressiveness more present in the male sex. Facing the obtained results it was verified how complex is the human behavior and numberless possibilities which it can be worked by the several segments of society involved with education and security in the traffic.

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