Microcontroller based SCADA System Using GSM

UCET Project Library 01/2006;


Microcontroller based SCADA System Using GSM is capable of monitoring
and controlling the industrial processes & switching of the electronic devices. This
project is a wonderful & most reliable solution for the widely scattered SCADA
(Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Systems).Here Two microcontrollers are used
.One at input section other at output section. The microcontroller at the input side is
serving as a transmitting station. It is designed to take several inputs from several systems
(i.e.) temperature for the time being , in a real-time from the external environment and
sends it to a mobile through GSM service. The microcontroller on the other hand takes
the input from the Mobile device & then monitor the connected device (i.e.) heater as
instructed by the user through an SMS. This microcontroller has a dedicated port to drive
the physical outputs in a real-time for controlling the processes. First microcontroller is
serially connected with the personal computer via max232. For technical purpose we
used the Hyper Terminal to get the systems real time information i.e. Temperature on the Personal computer.