Alternative Banking Channels and Customers’ Satisfaction: An Empirical Study of Public and Private Sector Banks

International Journal of Business and Management Tomorrow 10/2011; 1:1-24.


The present empirical study focuses on identifying key factors that have influences customers satisfaction in alternative banking service provided by public and private sector banks. For the purpose of the present study primary data were collected using likert scale based questionnaire. Result of this study shows that, there was significant relationship between age, education and profession of the bank customers and customers‘ satisfaction in alternative banking. There was significant relationship between service quality, band perception and perceived value with overall customer satisfaction in alternative banking. Factor analysis test indicates that, efficiency, security/assurance, cost effectiveness, problem handling, responsiveness, fulfillment and accuracy were first factors, Perceived value, brand perception, contact facilities, convenience, system availability and easy to use are second factor and compensation is third factor. Overall result directs that, bankers should consider the facts and enhance service quality of alternative banking services in order to increase customers‘ satisfaction and its further adoption also.

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