influerncia de las fases lunares dentro de algunos procesos reproductivos en bovinos de grupos raciales diversos

Memorias XI simposio iberoamericano sobre conservacion y utilizacion de recursos zoogeneticos 01/2010;


The results of the present investigation arose of the information collected from 828 registrations of natural heat, 302 data of births and 2 thesis on the influences of the lunar phases in the programmed reproduction of bovine; determined that the natural heat and the births in bovine, follow a cyclical process, having a higher incidence of these processes in the phases of first quarter and full moon, while in the waning phase, the incidence is lower. Also is noted that the mating cows in phases of more luminosity, tend to give birth in the phases of lower luminosity and vice versa. To have better results in the conception rate, the synchronizing cows have to be in the new moon and first quarter phases, obtaining results around a 100% at the first service conception.

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May 31, 2014