Indígenas, mestizaje, tierras y poder en el Caribe Colombiano, siglo XIX / Indigenous miscegenation, land and power in the Colombian Caribbean, nineteenth century.

INDIANA (Berlín, Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut , 2009). ISSN: 0341-8642 01/2009; 26(26):267-295.


In this paper we show that the extinction of the Indian reservations of Bolívar who survived during the nineteenth century, as well as the influence of external factors such as the advancement of the livestock industry, also correlating factors such as internal fragmentation of these communities, discourse on miscegenation and citizenship as the basis for the unity of the nation, the political and administrative reorganization introduced by the republic sought to make the administration of the lands of the guards at the district entities controlled mostly by people not indigenous and relationships between the interests of sectors of the elite power.

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