Validación de la Escala de Bienestar Psicológico en una muestra multiocupacional venezolana

Revista CES Psicología 01/2011; 4:52-71.


This paper shows the results of the validation process of the second edition of the Psychological Well- Being Scale (BCS) developed by Sánchez-Cánovas (2007), for which four samples of Venezuelan participants employed in the formal sector employment were used with at least three months of hiring, both sexes, of legal age, from both sectors of the economy (public and private), and with a formal and stable couple relationship. Each sample was required for a type of validation: the first one was of 147 people, for the construct sample in terms of equality between the factor structure obtained and the theoretical framework established by the original version of the EBP. The rest of the samples were used in studies of convergent and divergent validity, related to different instruments that assess emotional states of positive and negative (175), physical and psychological health (263), and the type or style of adaptive or not adaptive response to daily stress (309). High indicators of internal consistency and significant results of convergent, divergent and of the constructs became evident with the selected variables.

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