Principles of character in leadership: Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch as an inspiration for future corporate leadership.

The Journal of Online Higher Education 01/2010; 1:1-12.


The public's, perceived ethical standards and the simple, honest character attributed to engineers seemed to have something to do with the way that engineers have managed their subordinates. Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, was asked how he could rectify and align his business and private ethics, since he was a solid Catholic, and he stated to observers that both sets of ethics, concerning his character, were exactly the same and that he had no problems making tough business decisions. The use of ethics, based upon one's own personal character in leadership, could be a powerful element in a leader's skill set of leadership style, with respect to Jack Welch's performance as the CEO of GE, to transform a business and catapult the organization to business success. Welch actively transformed GE by progressively adjusting the amount, and the quality, of managers throughout the company.

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