Como dinamizar a didática do planejamento participativo escolar?

Revista UNILUS Ensino e Pesquisa 01/2004; 1:39.


This paper presents ways to improve methodology dynamics for the insertion of participative planning in the school context.Based on the belief that Education has not corresponded to the demands of post-modern society, and that participative planning represents one of the instruments for the reconstruction of school' s role, this project introduces a theoretical-methodological reference of to the undestanding of the conceptions and pratices aimed at the insertion participative planning in the school context. It analises some of the obstacles encontered during the communication process, and elaboration and execution phases of the participative planning. It suggest pedagogical methods for the usage of media, audiovisual and multimedia resources. It examines planning both as an internal mediator of the individual as well as a technique and tool expressing political and philosophical conception, that lies on the socio-interactive dialogue stream. It describes Danilo Gandin's participative planning practice and presents pedagogical sequences based on the theory in question.

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